40+ Single Front Door Designs for European Homes & Apartments New 2021

With so many designs and styles to choose from, finding the perfect entry to your home can be confusing. And so, we decided to facilitate your work. Here are eight unique front door designs, each different and beautifully designed.

This weaving pattern is beautiful in appearance and gives the door a robust and built appearance.

You can follow this example and go for this durable design that is easy to clean and maintain.

In fact, the deep wood finish is the most practical option for front doors. However, with these high-end designs, you’ll need to hire carpenters with exceptional skills to get the look you want without any variation.

A traditional motif combined with a modern door pattern – you can’t go wrong with this!

The best part is that a simple design like this is easy to create for local carpenters and also costs less compared to ornamental door carvings.

With this design, you get an entry that is Indian in its essence but also contemporary.

Add a folk art element to your front door with this warli-inspired door design.

Not only will you celebrate an art that is unique in our country, but you will incorporate storytelling into the design of your door.

A bronze-finish grill and a dark-toned wood door is an excellent combination when it comes to choosing door color. It is easy to maintain and has a touch of greatness.

Do you want to keep the door design simple but elegant?

The secret is to go for a top-notch veneer or laminate finish, as in this design, with simple linear or geometric patterns and large door handles.

By choosing high-quality hardware like this floor-mounted pivot, you can create an element of intrigue in the design.

The side glass açık oturum eliminates the need for a separate grill door, making this design perfect for penthouses, villas and vacation homes.

Another great option for private homes, this classic design has a mysterious disney / fairy tale quality.

If you love classical literature and fables, this design could perfectly capture your personality.

The paneled door is easy to build but requires good quality wood and polishing. Meanwhile, custom glass windows will allow plenty of natural light to enter the home.

Pro tip: If you’re designing an eco-friendly house, you can look for similarly-designed scrap doors at your local scrap wood market. If the wood is of exceptional quality, it will only take a good polishing to restore it to its former glory.

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